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    Zhejiang Fordy machinery CO.,LTD. was founded in 1990. It is a large-scale professional aerators manufacturer with its own qualification on importing and exporting. The factory covers an area about 3 hectare and There are also more than 150 professional employees to keep our aerators in perfect. FUTI brand series aerators have more than twenty styles which including paddlewheel aerator, injector aerator, impeller aerator, spraying aerator, splash aerator and so on. All of our products are mainly used in oxygen-increasing for fish, shrimp and eel ponds and the others special aquatics or in some waste water treatment projects. We have the capability of producing more than 100,000 sets aerators yearly, Which also has the largest manufacturing workshop for producing the aerators in china.
    We continue to do our best to be more perfect in this calling. Good service and good qualities are always our goal and will guide us to develop and make new innovations.

Paddlewheel Aerator

Air Jet Aerator

Floating pump for oxygenincrea


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