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 ; In 1987,the first floating pump in worldwas invented successfully in Zhejiang Fordy Machinery co.,Ltd,nowadays,it''''''''''''''''s very popular used in China as well as export to more than ten contries and region.The floating pump can float on the water,rising or falling according to the water level.It has good quality,good features to easily operation,saving energy,long life etc.The sand in the bottom of river always infuenced the submerged pump and the its seal was damaged.However,the floating pump is completely solving such problem.It is movable new gennerational product.

 ; 1.You needn''''''''''''''''t build pump station just put the pumjp into the water,turn on the switch and the it can inhale water itself and won''''''''''''''''t be ; influenced by the rain or water.it is ligh in weight and can be moved away easily.
 ; 2.It changes absorption lift into pressure lift,the intake of the different qualification offloationg pumps will always be in 25-50cm below the water level.So it is in a suitable position to inhale water.It shorts the pipe and it doesn''''''''''''''''t need bottom valve,so it can save 10-30 percent of electricity.
 ; 3.The seal of axle won''''''''''''''''t be influenced by sand in the bottom of river and it won''''''''''''''''t sink in the sands.4.Available for oxygenation in deep water.
 ; 4.The temperature of water for the floating pump inhaled is much higher than water in the bottom of river.So it makes crops growing faster. For example,it can make rice be ripe earlier than usual.The output per hectare can be raised over five percent.


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Floating pump for oxygenincrea


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