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      Splash aerator is made of Stainless steel Waterproofed motor and high intensity plastics,which have the good corrosion resistance.The mechanical sealed-waterproofing motor will floating above the water level when it is out of working.And it will lower the possibility of the water intake for the damaged the motor seal in case,so it has long life sapn.The stainless steel motor is in the channel of the splashed water,which has excellent cooling effect automatically when it is working.The water pipe can be lengthened expediently according to the practcal situation and also can available for the deep-water pond.Such kind of aerator is light,small and easily installed.It is mainly used in fish,shrimp,eel pools and other special aquatic ponds.the splash aerator running the water upwards,as the fountain does,so it can increase the attractive of lake,pool and the view of the park.

      1.Stainless steel waterproofed motor,water-cooling automatically,high-efficiency;
      2.The whole parts we adopt are the corrosion resistant materials.Long life span;
      3.Light and small,flexible and easily to be operated;
      4.Available for oxygen-increasing in deep water;
      5.Active screw impeller can save the energy efficiently.


Paddlewheel Aerator

Air Jet Aerator

Floating pump for oxygenincrea


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